Welcome to Meth Lab Cleanup Company's online clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination related courses. Meth Lab Cleanup is the first to offer these comprehensive courses online.

Our experienced instructors offer a current and technically sound understanding of both OSHA requirements and nationwide standards for clandestine drug lab testing  and remediation. Meth Lab Cleanup’s training staff includes a registered professional industrial hygienist with a master’s degree in hazardous waste management and instructors with over a decade of drug lab and occupational safety and health experience.

We strongly encourage you to understand the legal requirements in the state you will be working in, if the state is regulated, prior to offering services.  Keep in mind, although some states may not be regulated at a state level, many counties and cities have standards, disclosures and/or ordinances.  An excellent source for researching regulations can be found on our website at www.methlabcleanup.com; click on the "state laws" button.

Once entering the course, you cannot move to the next course element without completing the one you are viewing first.  In order to pass the course and receive your certificate, you must achieve a passing score of 70% on the Meth Screening Course; 80% on the Assessment & Decon course.  If you do not pass the exam, you may retake it for an additional fee. Students have the option to electronically proctor the decontamination course exam to provide validity to regulators and clients. You have 14 days after registration to complete the Screening course and 21 days to complete the Clandestine Drug Lab Decon course. 

If you choose to proctor your Clan Lab Decon course exam, choose the Proctored Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment & Decon course.  Once you complete the course, choose the Proctored Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment & Decon course exam.


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Hope you enjoy whichever course you select.  We look forward to your feedback.

Thank you for choosing Meth Lab Cleanup Company for your training needs. 

Sincerely,  Joe and Julie Mazzuca